Monday, March 23, 2009


What's your opinion on it?
Wanna know mine?
Here it goes...

I remember when jerking first started and it was just a little dance that the older generation referred to as "the chicken dance."  That was alright.  Then people started using the term "jerk" to describe anything that was cool.  I once told a girl to never say the word jerk around me ever again because she used it to describe everything.  Now, jerking is like a lifestyle to some, which I find a bit unfortunate, and I have my reasons.

Up until recently, I was jerkingK.  I'm still annoyed by the constant presence of it, but I've grown to stop caring so much.  I began losing too much breath complaining so often.  I hate how all the songs coming out now on this jerk tip sound the same, and they're all about the same thing: jerking and head.  I hate how the artists who produce the world with these mostly unwanted songs are ONLY making jerk songs right now.  I hate how people are posting these dance videos on youtube and stuff, thinking they have a special gift because they can jerk.  I hate how all the beats sound just about the same.  I don't enjoy listening to the music.  I may enjoy my 3 minutes a month of dancing to it, but past that I'd pass.  And I hate how annoying and extra'd the kids who jerk the most tend to be.  And its a well known fact that this trend will soon die.

However, I can defend the followers who participate in this fad in a few ways.  

I've seen a lot of people lately who are saying that jerk songs aren't real music, and things along those lines.  As a musician, one thing I've always told myself when putting down someone else's music is, 'Who are you to say that this isn't music?'  The best musicians give the public what they want to hear while enjoying themselves and fulfilling their spiritual needs at the same time.  To those composers who make jerk beats and rappers who write jerk songs and enjoy it for the music, props.  But I also hope that jerking music isn't all you're good at because it won't be around too long. LOL.

I've also heard a lot of people (including myself until a few days ago) putting down the dance.  Personally, I don't see much skill or talent going into jerking.  However, I do see that these kids are having fun.  To those of you who jerk because you enjoy it, props.  But I also hope that that's not the only dancing you're good at if you plan on going any further with dancing, seeing as how it won't be around too much longer.  LOL.

To those of you who aren't on the JERK side of life, keep doing what you do and do it well.  Drown this out if you hate it so much.  I know that's what I plan to work towards.  To those of you who consider yourself a JERK, I hope you're being true to yourself, and I hope you didn't quit your day job. LOL.  Me?

I'm on this Charlez shit.  
And it's NOT jerk.  It's a little more real if you ask me.  But hey, who am I to say what's real?
Confidence is real.  Do what makes you confident and proud of yourself.  Everyday I strive to be someone I'd admire.

Props to Odd Future music lol who are sticking with what they do and enjoy and cherish.  At first I thought you guys were just like the rest of these followers, but you proved me wrong.  A lotta these niggas seem to be going in whatever direction the wind blows, but you guys found what fits you and stuck with it.  I respect that.  AWESOME!

Check me out.

its not JERK either.

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