Friday, August 1, 2008

N.E.R.D.- "Seeing Sounds"

N.E.R.D. is the type of music you have to get used to.  But once you do, you can't get over it.  I know the first song I heard by them was "Am I High".  I was like "uhhhh okay I guess."  Today, that's one of my favorite songs on earth.  
The was money well spent.  Nowadays I only buy a CD if the artist deserves the money.  They do, so I bought it.  Its one of those CDs you can pop in and you don't have to touch anything until it's over lol you know you don't have to be picky and switching between songs because you don't like number 3, 7, and 9.  If you're a fan of this kind of music, I can almost gurantee you'll like every song.
I don't know about all you non-musicians out there, but I do know that the musicians can agree with me on this: the title of the album is perfect.  I know it may be different for everyone, but when I close my eyes listening to music I see colors and tye-dye and shapes and scenarios and swirls.  
Well anyways, I just thught I'd give Pharrell, Chad, and Shae some credit for this one.


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