Friday, October 3, 2008

DC: The Place To Be

on the trek
window shopping yes indeed
white house BIAAATCH

grand theft leaf-from-a-tree-outside-the-white-house
haha how cheesy was that....
yea man i went to DC!
it's so awesome out there so chilllll.....
just for a person like me....
but at the same time there wasn't ENOUGH if that makes any sense
suppose i'm strange. then it will make sense.
nonetheless it was a very enjoyable trip.
so much to see, so little time....
museums everywhere
and SWEAR we need a subway in los angeles. SO convenient.
but then again theres too much violence in la for a subway.... thanks mom for pointing that one out....
and THANKS A LOT to the punk bitch ganger bangers who disable the possibility of la getting a subway.
but man....are those some nice black people or WHAT out in DC
theyre all so civilized, so calm.  not like the ignorant arrogants black people out here.
(I'm black, dont trip)
its true. everythings chill out in DC. 
nice weather too ;-]

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