Monday, October 27, 2008

Jennifer Hudson: Sorry

Man.... As many of you know, Jennifer Hudson's life sucks right now. Her sister's boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) killed her mother and brother and kidnapped her nephew a few days ago. What a dick. You think you love someone and then they do you wrong, right? You think you know someone. What the hell kind of person kills their girlfriend's mom? What kind of "loved one" kills your mom and brother? How could anyone fool you so much? Stories say he had just been released from prison for attempted murder. So now it makes more sense. And apparantly, yesterday they found the nephew. He was dead. Now no one knows for sure that the man killed his son or step-son or whatever the relationship was...... BULLSHIT. The man's a murdurer. He already killed 2, so what's another to him? Of course it was him. I better not see that nigga on the street. I know you're thinking, "What the hell are you gonna do?" I'm gonna kill him, that's what. Just kidding. My future isn't worth him. But I would call the police. As much as I make fun of Jennifer about her bad choice in clother, bad choice in songs, and bad chice in men, I empathize for her during this hard time. I have no idea the pain she's going through, and I hope I never will have to feel it. But I'm praying that that horrible man is killed, and that everything will be okay with the rest of the family.

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